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Mental Health Transitions
Orange County, CA

Mental Health Transitions is Orange County’s first independent mental health transitional living environment focused on fostering community, autonomy, purpose, wellbeing, and integration. A true home environment, MHT is not stabilization, it is a safe place to call home for up to a year while community members transition into robust, functional lives. MHT seeks to transform the lives of its community members, along with the healthcare landscape, to promote long term, sustainable support and change.

Mental Health Transitions | Orange County

"Giving help and care to those that need it most."

Mental Health House - Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a stable home for a community recovering from mental illness where they can grow into the rest of their lives.

Our Values

Mental Health House - Values
Mental Health House - Community


An environment that is home. A home that is shared together. Who you live with will be there to challenge you, grow with you, laugh with you, and support you on your individual path to autonomy.

Mental Health House - Autonomy


Owning your health and well-being. Experiencing healthy interdependence - having the ability to navigate the joys and challenges of life while allowing others to help and support you; reliance without dependence.

Mental Health House - Purpose


A deep connection to your life and a celebration that you are living it. Identifying meaning and cultivating depth within the life you have chosen.

Mental Health House - Well-Being


Holistic (mind, body, and emotional) health and balance. Integrating internal and external experiences – feeling measures, taking care of your needs, and feeling safe while navigating life transitions.

Mental Health House - Integration


Fully integrating into life and integrating skill into that life. Robust skill development paired with experience and opportunity to practice.

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